A lazy afternoon in fall

Fall in New England typically means the ever changing colors of foliage. However,  that’s not the only theme of autumn. I am beginning to learn to pay more attention to appreciate the various faces of nature. The photos posted here are a few examples of my observations.

這幾張是在家附近拍的。在河上的两張, 是希望能拍出環境安詳和恬靜的氛圍, 也同時訓練自已去感受大自然的美。尚和兄年前寄贈日夲名画家東方魁夷的散文集- 風景。我已經”翻”过两遍, 覺得他真的很能用心去領略大自然的美。我自已的心灵好像受嚴重污染一樣, 心浮氣躁, 無法氣定神聞。因此也就無法像他一樣, 对大自然一草一木所展現的嫺靜優雅, 能夠心醉神迷。這一方面當然与他受正規美術的訓練有関, 另一方面相信是性格使然吧。 讀他的遊記是極大的享受, 尤其談到我曾去过的地方, 趣味盎然。好恨老是學不通日語, 否則拿着他的書, 到飛烏地區按圖索驥, 与当地人閑話農桑。 當然, 盡信書不如無書。八○年代初, 不記得那一位仁兄, 拿着老殘遊記跑到濟南大名湖索驥, 結果失望而回。退休後, 総得去山東走走, 才能算得上半得板橋迷。


Neponset River.


They don’t look like migrating birds to me, they were so relaxed.


People just simply call them autumn grass……


……..I’m sure they must have a proper name.


The leaves of our climbing rose backlit by the sun.


One of the last few morning glory buds with the background of foliage lit up by the setting sun. In August, the flower from this vine was velvet red, and they have changed to light blue when the temperature turning low.


This spider was making a net over my morning glory. It was having its breakfast , and all of a sudden…..


…..it rushed to the right of the net, and caught a green-eyed, winged aphid. Ah, that’s another sign of cold weather, aphids beginning to get their wings.

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2 Responses to A lazy afternoon in fall

  1. Marty says:

    I like the Neponset River pictures because of the reflections on each shot. They give a sense of depth to the picture and add another domension to my viewing pleasure. We should take a lesson in how to relax like those birds!

  2. bluepapillon says:

    I know this sounds a bit Zen like: my ultimate goal in photography is to take pictures with my heart, not a camera. Only a heart that is calm and compassionate can truly appreciate the beauty, harmony and tranquility of nature. I have a long way to go.

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