Autumn in Kyoto – Day 5 – part 2 京の秋

Well, there was no real part 2 of the day. After Kiyomizudera Temple,  I took a bus to downtown for gallery and bookstore hopping. I enjoyed a live music performance in a record store. Two young Japanese folks were playing guitars for their CD promotion, very enjoyable. There are a number of galleries on Teramachi dori(寺町通), I visited a few. It was a  wonderful Sunday afternoon activity.  Our hotel also hosted a free string quartet in the lobby that evening. What a free afternoon and evening!

Later on, I found my way to a picture framing shop. Surprisingly,  they had some prints and paintings on sale. I bought these two prints (these two pictures do not do justice to the original colors because I took these pictures in my dining room where the lighting was not very good).

早上在清水寺轉了一圈。雖然是下雨天,但紅葉季節加上星期天,人還是多的。由於天色太暗,沒拍到好照片,有點意興意興闌珊之感,於是到寺町通逛画廊。在一間配框店內發現有小版画出售, 其中有井堂雅夫的作品。我蛮喜欢他的版画,早上在清水寺剛剛参觀過他的個展。只是有幾張K. Nishijima (西島勝之?)的小版画, 画中的京都小巷是我的最愛,比井堂的更合口味,而且價錢尚可,所以買了回來,放在這裡跟你分享。(中文部份補寫於2009年10月27日)

The alley of Kyoto

Alley of Kyoto By K. Nishjima

Roof top by Nishijima

Breeze by K. Nishijima

As a matter of  fact, they had a few small woodblock prints by Masao Ido (井堂雅夫)who had an exhibition at Kiyomizudera Temple that day.  However, when compared with these two, I was able to make an easy decision. By no means I am suggesting that K. Nishijima is better. I just love the theme of these two. This is the Kyoto I felt in love with.

The following are pictures I had taken during my store hopping. Hope you like them too. 下面的照片多拍自清水坂。

Beef bun.

Beef buns. Looked yummy.  I promised myself to get one, but after busy taking pictures, I forgot!  清水坂上的”丹波之牛饅”,非常誘人; 說拍完照去買一個解饞,結果走到三年坂下面才記得,錯过了。


Otabi. This is a famous sweet shop in Kyoto. They have some special autumn sweet “dumpling” filled with chestnut and yam, you can’t find them in summer or spring. 京都名店,秋天有特別的粟八槁和芋八槁。

Beautiful carving. I saw this in one of the sovenir shops. Unfotunately, I can't afford it

I believe this is the God of Thunder. Outstanding carving. I saw this in a  souvenir shops. Unfortunately, I can’t afford it. Fortunately, I have a camera.這雷神漂亮極了. 買是買不起的,幸好有相机可拍下來,聊勝於無。


I believe these are deities. 好可愛的小神像。

Appealing nun.

An appealing nun. 清水坂上化緣的尼姑。

An appealing monk.

An appealing monk.清水坂上化緣的和尚。

It is very common to see these pligrims near temples. Mostly middle to elderly female, they walk miles a day to pay respect to the temples.

It is very common to see pilgrims near temples. Mostly middle-age to elderly females, they walk miles a day to pay respect to temples. 清水板上的進香團。

Traditional Chinese/Japanese herb shop.

Traditional Chinese/Japanese herb shop. 漢葯店。

A hundred-year-old pepper shop.

A hundred-year-old spice shop. 京都百年老店 – 七味。

Music festival poster.

Music festival poster. 京都の秋音樂節海報,特別喜歡海報上的画。

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