Old Pictures – “New” MIT Dorm 老照片 – 麻省理工的 “新”宿舍

I knew from the beginning when I took up digital photography that I had to calibrate the monitor before I could make good prints. However, I  cut corner and hoping that I could get away with it. But, as you can imagine, I was so disappointed when I received my enlarged Kyoto foliage photos. The colors were simply dull.  I have decided to tackle the problem for good.  I am reading info about color space, sRGB vs. Adobe RGB, ICC profile, reviewing devices for monitor calibration. It is certain that it will take a while before I can have my monitor calibrated properly, and it has been decided not to post any new pictures before that.  However, while organizing my photo library, I came across some photos that I wanted to show you,  I post them here anyway.

These pictures were taken in 2004 when I bought my Nikon D70. After receiving it,  I couldn’t resist the temptation to test it, so I brought it to work the next day and walked to MIT after work. I barely knew the buttons and controls,  I just pressed the shutter and was surprised how good they were.  This building was said to be a new dorm,  it looked pretty cool to me.

(2015.11 : I took these pictures in 2004 with my first new digital SLR, a Nikon D70, these building was new too. Somebody told me that it was the new dormitory and I’d never questioned that. However, 11 years later, I have discovered that this is actually the famous CSAIL – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, not a dorm!)

ニOO四年我買了第一架數碼單鏡反光相機, Nikon D70。 收到當日, 兴奮莫名。 等不到周末才試機, 第二天就帶着新機去上班, 下班後走到 MIT 的後門, 那裡有一幢新宿舍落成, 樣子很討人喜欢, 所以特地用作試機对象 (2015-實際上, 那是著名的電腦科學人工智能實驗室CSAIL – Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)。 才四年, 此机己經退役了。溫故知新, 特地放上來懷”舊”一番。

Beautiful lines

Simply Cool!


The reflection of the bright afternoon sun was lovely.


I wonder if the interior layout is as good as it looks.


It has curves, too.


I believe this is the most handsome looking building in MIT campus.

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2 Responses to Old Pictures – “New” MIT Dorm 老照片 – 麻省理工的 “新”宿舍

  1. Marty says:

    Hi John,
    I like these shots because this building has so many interesting angles and it looks different at each one. It looks like a building that was drawn on paper, crunched up to discard and then opened again. Very cool!
    All is well with me. We went to Portland, ME on Sunday and I want to put some of those pictures up on a weblog sometime soon.

  2. bluepapillon says:

    Can’t wait to see your pictures!

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