Crocus 番紅花


Crocus sp.

Finally, they are here.

Just like me, they are so predictable. I have never paid attention to see if this is by any chance the famous Crocus sativus. Since I don’t see a prolonged red stigma so I assume that this is just one of the other eighty something species of crocus. Besides, they say Crocus sativus is an autumn blooming species.  I am not sure if we have this species here in New England, but I think they definitely have it in Ireland.  Saffron is said to have been used to dye the robes of the Irish royalty centuries ago.

We have several low pressures coming through this week. Today, the sky was too dark to get a good picture. In the afternoon, I ran out to check the flowers between “cats and dogs” and saw some of the petals were damaged by the downpour, so I took this shot (the second photo), even though the flowers had already closed for the day.

Sharon, do you have Crocus sativus in your garden. If you do, could you save a few stigma(ta) for me please? Ha ha…

番紅花開花了, 冬天總算过去了。其实, 我是挺喜欢冬天的雪的, 只是生活在市區裡, 下雪倒令人煩厭。

要能夠拍到好的花照, 院子裡一定要廣植百花。 我們組裡以前有一位 senior director, 拍得一手好花照, 後來乾脆辭官, 待在家裡, 種得滿園花草, 日夕拍照。鄰居有棵漂亮的老紫藤, 說了好多年要移植幾枝过來。但我們每年夏天都不在家, 所以都無法種花, 雖然我也樂得清閑, 只是無花可拍。 剛剛想到一法, 就是檢現成的, 看誰家有好花好草的, 多去拜訪不就成了嗎。像 Sharon & Frank 賢伉儷家中除了草木扶疏、百花齐放之外, 還有美食並陳, 唔,”诚良策也”。 老話說得沒錯, 愚者千慮必有一得。說真的, 台湾很多地方都有好的花木, 台北植物園還有漂亮的白鷺呢。


A low pressure was passing through, it was raining cats and dogs, we heard rumblings too.


Crocus sp.

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2 Responses to Crocus 番紅花

  1. Martin K. says:

    Just beautiful. I like the water effect on the flowers. Check out my blog. I put some new pictures up. They aren’t great )like yours) but it is a start.

    • bluepapillon says:

      Thanks. I tried to take a few more, but they were closed the whole day yesterday. I’ll try again today.

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