A lazy Sunday afternoon in Spring 踏春

We had a series of low pressures passing through last week. It was a overcast Sunday morning but the weatherman said Sunday was the pick of the week. So we rushed to finish all the work in the house and jumped in the car. We drove down to Plymouth to get some fried clam and walked along the harbor. Great minds think alike, everybody was there. When we arrived, the clouds were gone, it was so comfortable although it was a bit breezy. Walking to the restaurant, I found more varieties of crocus, I post them here, hope you like them.

連續幾個低氣壓, 帶來断断續續的春雨和春雷。一亇多星期了, 有點惱人。 氣象預告說星期天(4/5)的天氣最好, 早上趕着把家務做完, 市塲也去了, 然後開車去 Plymouth 踏春。我們已去过Plymouth多次, 今天只是想到海边走走, 曬曬太陽, 然後買一點炸蛤解饞。到了plymouth, 風雖然有點兒大, 但仍算好日子; 水边的麗人雖然不多,  草坪上的新綠還稱得上氣象新。在一家餐廳前發現不同品種的番紅花, 漂亮得很。幾種的顏色都好看, 那藍色條紋的一種, 美得像誰設計出來似的。一大堆bikers都出動了, 老爺車也出來曬太陽, 大家都在盡情享受一個風和日麗的下午, 好像只有海鷗還是一樣的忙。


Like gold          比真的金子還要漂亮

I love the design and the colors.  像是設計師的傑作

This one is really dazzling!

This one is really dazzling! 這個才叫奪目


The same one found in my backyard, the color looked dramatically different at different time of the day, probably due the color temperature of the light. 這種在不同的色溫下呈現不同的顏色

Mayflower II

Mayflower II, 這就是著名的五月花號

Baits for sale.

Baits for sale. 漁季快開始了

Take off -1

Take off -1, I don’t have a 600mm, not even a 400mm. It seemed that 1/500 was not enough to arrest the action. I am learning.  鳥為食忙-1 雖然沒有通當的長鏡, 也拍幾張玩玩.

Take-off 2

Take-off 2   鳥為食忙-2

Take-off 3

Take-off 3   鳥為食忙-3

Touch down 鳥為食忙-4

Touch down 鳥為食忙-4

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock , 1620 時清教徒上岸的踏脚石

This is the famous Plymouth Rock, 1620.

This is the famous Plymouth Rock, 1620.

When I say everybody's here, I am not exagerrating.

When I say everybody’s here, I am not exaggerating. 老爺車出來了

They are here

They are here too. 開两輪的朋友也來了

See?! Everybody.

See?! Everybody.

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