Flower & Light 101 自學攝影第一課

Everybody knows that the quality and the angle of light is very important in obtaining a good picture. What I have right now is a flash (a modern one) and some non-TTL antique remote cord which I used to use some 30 years ago for macro-photography. I am in the process of “studying” what are the current accessories that I need for modern macro-photography, e.g. Nikon SC-29 off-camera AFTTL cord, MC-36 remote cord, etc.

Last week, I bought some iris, yellow-and-white in color . I knew that they would fade away soon, but I just couldn’t resist its beauty. I used these flowers as the subject of my experiment of lighting. Thanks to digital technology, my approach was simply trial-and-error. I first put the flowers on my studio bench (kitchen counter top), take a few pictures with natural light from the window. And then waited for the “arrival” of sunshine to take a second round. The third round was to put up some background paper (some remnant Japanese printed fabric I bought in Japan), and used my antique non-TTL cord with the SB800 flash unit. I don’t think I can call it a success, I believe I had a slightly better idea of lighting and most importantly, I had a lot of fun. Here are the results.

那天上超級市場, 夲想看看有沒有白色的雛菊。 突然間被這種 Iris (鳶尾) 所吸引。喜其清新可人, 顏色鮮嫩。尤有進者, 花向三方伸出, 構造上與傳統筒式迥異。 雖知其不耐久, 仍買來实騐。 我仍在阅读資料, 才能决定買那些配件能容許闪燈作TTL操作。所以目前还用卅多年前的古董線。 幸好数碼技術令我可以嘗試前進而不費分文。 下面是实騐結果。

Natural light

Natural light, the color of the yellow petals is flat, a bit dull. 自然光, 效果尚可, 然太平實, 無立体感.


The sunlight gave more depth. However, it was a bit too strong. 陽光增加立体感, 惟太強, 難与室內自然光配合.

one flash. the light are from left at 90.....

One flash from left, not bad. 雖然只有一燈, 效果尚可, 只是仍未能展示花的晶瑩感.


I think this one would have been much better if I had another flash 45 degree from the left.  如果左下角45度多一補燈, 應該不錯.


One flash from below (30 degree from left), made the petals grow. 燈自左下方30度照上, 希望能展示花的嬌嫩, 晶瑩感.


This one is not bad. Should I had one more flash that lit up the background slightly, this one could have been very nice. 此角度照明令花瓣呈現頗佳之立體感.


Photoshop generated image


The light of this one is the same as above, I love the luminousness of the petal. 光照如上圖, 放大圖可見其晶瑩感. 後面能有補光則甚佳.


Photoshop generated image

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