Dragon Boat Festival 端午節


On your mark, get set! 齊集起點

Dragon Boat Festival is a major festival in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. The Japanese also celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at a much reduced scale. The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates the life and death of the ancient patriot poet Qu Yuean (340-278 B.C.)

去年中, 老美飯友馬田兄知我初夏曾去拍端午賽龍舟, 纒着要看照片, 當時還未有此部落格, 所以支吾以應。冬至, 大雪紛飛, 他又来趨促, 我告以不合時令而着他等至開春後。 他總覺得我在耍他. 及後彼至寒舍作客, 談起牆上的[水仙,梅]年花字晝, 始知我們確以時令”換画”的。雖然我們長年都有糉子可吃, 但看賽龍舟的照片還是初夏才有味道。 波士頓的賽龍舟歷史悠久, 是香港式的。每年在查理河畔架起大帳, 邀請各亞裔族群表演節目。 黑、白和西裔社區各族亦聞風而至。不少老美帶着收養的中國小孩穿着旗袍(長衫)來过中國節。是日也, 大家双見欢, 各族共和, 加上氣候特佳, 真是少有的好日子。我總是想不通為何人会有這麽多族群問題; 我們老中不也有很多省籍、地域之爭嗎?

The English name refers to one of the major activities for the holiday, dragon boat racing.  The Asian communities in Boston have done a wonderful job introducing this traditional festival to Boston and have it transformed  to a very successful multi-cultural event. The festival is normally held in early June,  when the weather is gorgeous, at Charles River near Harvard University.  Performers from different nationalities are invited to perform Chinese lion dance, Kung Fu,  Japanese Taiko (big drum),  Korean music and Polynesian dances. On the stage, there are Asian performers, among them there are quite a few of Caucasian American. On the ground, (boy!) people from all walks and from all nationalities are there. You have white (Irish, Italian and a lot of folks from Eastern Europe), Asian, Black and Hispanic, literally everybody. I believe some American parents raising adopted Chinese kids are bring their kids, some dressed in traditional Chinese robes, to participate in this occasion. There is another tent, set up across the stage, dedicated for traditional Asian art and craft.  Across the street, there are Thai food, Chinese, Indian……….. for the most demanding taste buds.

想起來, 也好笑. 80年代初在中國大陸旅行, 一大陸同胞問我是否漢人。當我回答不知道時, 他就覺得不可思議。他說他十分確定自已是漢人。當我問他是否有什麽漢人証明時, 他就說是他老爸說的, 一定是”貨真價實”。我再問他知否当年入関的蒙古人和滿人都去了那裡。他反問: “你說呢?” “我說啊, 不都到我們的血裡面了嗎?!” 我答道。 人生苦短, 怎麽老是這樣浪費生命呢。不錯, 很多政客就是為了達到个人目的而挑起這些仇恨。最可恨的就是我們自已讓他們兴風作浪呢。 但願天天都是波士頓的端午節 (有幾天是京都紅葉祭也不壞)。

我是第一次拍龍舟競渡, 效果差強人意。也許是未能掌握 pan 鏡的運用, 總未能呈現比賽的動感。

We have attended Boston Dragon Boat Festival a few times and found that it is indeed a beautiful event (I am using present tense to describe the event because they have well established and are expected to be more or less the same every year). The weather is usually nice at this time of the year,  food is always delicious and most of all,  people are nice. Everybody come to enjoy a day of good performances and good food.  Kids are laughing, grown ups are laughing.  The air fills with more admiration and harmony than competition.  It is simply magical.  I wish everyday was a Boston Dragon Boat Festival (well, a few days of Kyoto red maple festival would be nice too).

These pictures are by no means good. I tried to pan my camera, however, it didn’t work well for me. I couldn’t capture the motion and show the atmosphere of action and competition. Well, may be next time. To Brian, Marty  or anyone who may be interested, check the website below and mark your calender.


Uniform design 各隊制服


Uniform – The Mad dragon from NY 各隊制服


Go! 一鼓作氣


The race is on-1

Boat race is on

The race is on-2


The race is on -3    千槳齊飛


The race is on – 4


The race is on – 5

With Harvard on the background.

With Harvard on the background.


Performances 表演節目

Taiko 太鼓

Their style is quite different from that of Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and Tenjin Matusri in Osaka, but they are very good too. 此太鼓與大阪天神祭、 京都祇園祭所見不盡相同, 惟其引人入勝處則各善勝塲。


Taiko is more than just music.吶喊


太鼓陣 Taiko Ensemble


I was surprised to see the strength demonstrated by female drummers 不讓鬚眉


Korean Music 韓國音樂

Family Troupe 由一家五口的韓籍家庭演出

Korean drum

Korean drum – the brother was really into it. 小弟弟全心投入

Korean drum

Also on the  drum –  the baby sister. 小妹看着爸爸的指揮


 Older sister was on ku chin. 大姊弹古琴


Polynesian Dancing

Polynesian dancing

Polynesian dancing 夏威夷舞

She has a dragon and a phoenix

The dragon and phoenix are gorgeous! 舞者臂上的纹身令人目眩

Chinese dancing

Chinese dancing 中國舞

Lion Dance

Chinese Lion Dance 中國醒獅

Chinese Art and craft DIY

Chinese art and craft DIY 中國工藝


Dressed up for the occasion 盛裝赴會


Delicious Thai food 泰國食物

For more info about Boston Dragon Boat Festival: http://www.bostondragonboat.org

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2 Responses to Dragon Boat Festival 端午節

  1. Kathleen says:

    This does bring back memories. When I lived in Hawaii we attended events very similar, including the Chinese New Year celebrations. I loved them…very, very beautiful and intriguing. Your pictures are very good and I can easily get the feel of the celebration. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.

  2. bluepapillon says:

    Thank you for stopping by. I guess we all love festivals, don’t we?

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