Flowers – Angkor Wat (7) 吳哥行之七 – 花卉

They do have beautiful flowers and plants in Cambodia, I have only taken pictures of a few. The plumeria is an old friend of mine.  Lotus flowers were used as cut flowers in most of the hotels and restaurants we’d visited. I came across one not-so-big lotus pond, the flowers are apparently different from that of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan. They are smaller in size. The texture of the petals appears to be very delicate. However, those lotus flowers I saw in the pond did not appeared to be the same as those used for cut flowers with folded petals (the whole petal was pink colored). I believe they have different varieties, interesting.

吳哥的行程相當緊湊, 中午洗完澡就坐下來休息, 也沒有午唾, 只是看看早上拍的照片。 所以只有早上吃完早飯後的空檔可以在洒店的園子走走, 看看花草, 也拍幾張照片。 沒有甚麽特別, 只是他們的荷花明顯的與台湾, 香港和日本的不同, 想愛蓮的朋友或會有興趣, 放上來大家看看。


F-1  Does anyone know its name?  有誰知道它的名字嗎?


F-2 我喜歡這一張.

F-3 Hibiscus?

F-3 Hibiscus?



F-5 Plumeta

F-5 Plumeria 雞蛋花

F-6 Coleander?

F-6   oleander 夾竹桃


F-7 They fold the petals to show off the yellow ovary.


F-8 Their lotus is smaller in size. 上圖的花瓣較紅, 此圖的則是白裡透紅。


F-9 I like the color pattern which is in-between of white and pink. 紅與白的深淺, 分佈及比例俱佳, 給人嬌嫩、清新之感。


F-10 The leaf is also smaller, but the shape is not as good as its Taiwanese or Japanese counterpart. 葉不大, 長得也不高, 基夲上為圓型, 没有大荷葉的多变.


F-11 The reflection of light on the petals gives a silky appearance.  這朵花給人有絲質的感覺, 看官以為然否.




F-13. Click to enlarge to see the lovely spider.  花瓣上的小蜘蛛很可愛.

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