2011泰國風情 Thailand Snapshots 2011

觸地印, 泰國絕大部份佛像都持此手印。Bhumispara Mudra, most of the Buddha images in Thailand are in this gesture.

三十多年前跟老妻第一次去泰國, 聽说北邊有一小城叫清邁, 很值得去看看云云。那時是電腦前的石器時代, 資訊不發達。到了曼谷, 請酒店代訂機票, 那小姐回我说, 機票都没有了, 大家都回去過年了。這三十多年來, 一直都没有機會再去泰國。

More than 3 decades ago, we went to Thailand for the first time (and the only time). That was the pre-PC era, limited info were obtained either from newspaper or mouth of words, we were told that Chiang Mai was a nice little town in the north worth visiting.  However, we were not able to get a ticket after our arrival to Bangkok because “everybody was going back for the new year.” That’s the end of story.

說法印 – 佛說法時所結的印相。此印表以法輪摧破煩惱,使身心清淨,又稱「轉法輪印」。在泰國不常見這種手印。                Dharmachakra Mudra, the gesture of teaching usually interpreted as turning the Wheel of Law (Dhama).

過去十年來, 愈來愈喜歡去看與文化或宗教有関的建築。前年去吳哥窟大開眼界,去年到意大利大飽眼福, 今年在網上看了很多泰寺院的圖片, 十分喜愛, 所以就鎖定泰國的寺院。於是做了些功課, 趁回港省親之便, 走馬看花的去泰國看廟。在入主題之前, 這裡先給大家看看一些浮光掠影。小記: 遺憾的是七月雨季,早晚天色大多不佳, 多是厚厚一層雲, 沒有光也沒有色, 沒有变化, 有點悶; 中、下午時段, 太陽夠熱, 總於露面, 但垂直晒下來, 對拍照一點的幫助都沒有。

In the last decade, I have acquired an interest in architecture, particularly those with cultural and religious importance. We have visit hundreds of temples, monasteries, ruins  and churches in Japan, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Italy. Thanks to the internet, I was able to see a lot of images of temples in Thailand and found that they are very photogenic, so we decided to visit Thailand. As usual, before serving you the entree, we are going to serve a dish of assorted Thai hors d’oeuvres , bon appetit!

清邁的一座寺院。 A wat (monastery or temple) in Chiang Mai.

素可泰著名的行進中的佛像。 The Walking Buddha, Sukhothai.

曼谷一大厦門前的噴水雕塑。A huge ball-shaped fountain (?) in Bangkok.

具蘭納風格的現代民居, 清邁。Modern housing with a touch of Lanna, Chiang Mai.

泰北美斯樂的烏龍茶茶園。Oolong tea plantation (in place of opium growing) in Northern Thailand.

曼谷河邊一憧大厦。Reflection seen on a river side building, Chao Phraya River in Bangkok.

清邁的一座寺院。 A wat in Chiang Mai.

清邁周日夜市的手作工藝燈。 Hand made decorative lights sold in Sunday Market.

泰北化緣行列。Early morning alms round (binderbaht in Thai, บิณฑบาต ),  Northern Thailand.

曼谷市集清晨奉獻。Early morning Buddhist offering near local market in Bangkok.

帶粉紅色的泰國的雞蛋花。This Thai plumeria has a pinkish touch on it.










清邁特產, 咖喱脆麵。Khao Soi, a traditional Chiang Mai dish which is actually a curry noodle soup with crunchy noodles on top.










星期六夜市的燒香腸。 Grilled sausage, Saturday night market, Chiang Mai.

七月中佛教Lent Day 的晚禱。Buddhist Lent Day evening prayer, Bangkok.

此泥塑獅子造形甚佳。This stucco lion is gorgeous.

泰式甜品, 怪怪的口感, 不太甜。 Thai dessert, the texture is “different”, not very sweet.

寺院中多見蓮、荷。Lotus and water lily are commonly grown in temples.

乳海翻騰, 曼谷機塲。The Churning of the Ocean of Milk, Bangkok airport.

趣! Cute!

往佛陀蓮座貼金。 Applying gold foil to the lotus seat of the Lord Buddha.

十分喜愛此佛(?)像。I just love this statue (the Lord Buddha?), his smile is so soothing.

泰國人免費入塲。 This is not an uncommon practice in Thailand. Usually farangs (foreingesr) have to pay more.

漂亮的楣飾。Beautiful relief on pediment.










按摩。 Foot massage is everywhere, not my cup of tea though.

卧佛, 大城。 A reclining Buddha image, covered with gold foils by devotees, Ayutthaya.

獻佛。Flower garland for the Lord Buddha.

曼谷多的是粉紅色的計程車。Pink is a popular color for taxi in Bangkok.

泰北義民館的門扣。A Chinese door knock, Northern Thailand.











描述蘭納王朝時庶民生活的壁画。 Mural in a wat, Chiang Mai. The horn-like structure on the roof indicates its Lanna heritage.

獻佛花環。 Flower garlands for the Lord Buddha.

請勿打擾。Please do not disturb.

年輕的僧人在勞動。 Monks at work, doubled up as construction workers. Golden Triangle.

製作肥皂花。Soup bar carving.








未染色前的成品。Carved soap flowers would be stained in bright colors.










長頸族。Karen Long Neck tribe.

瑶族(?)。 Yao people(?)

祝願。 Bodhi leaves posted by devotees.

寺院壁画。 Mural.

寺院牆上的浮雕。Relief on a temple’s wall.

小和尚。 Monks.

鴉片煙槍和燈, 金三角。Opium pipe and accessaries, Golden Triangle.

塔的雕塑。Architecture details on a chedi (stupa), Bangkok.

清邁城塔佩門的護城河。This couple share a romantic moment at the moat of the old city of Chiang Mai.

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