班芙市, 加拿大 Banff, Alberta, Canada


2013 北美西部行腳之九 : 加拿大洛磯山脉 – 班芙國家公園                                             2013 Westbound 9 : The Canadian Rockies – Banff National Park

客問: 從三藩飛愛蒙頓, 怎麽飛了這麽久還未到? 想看加拿大洛磯山脈的風光呢。各位有所不知, 這次到加拿大洛磯山脈, 就像劉姥姥進了大觀園, 目定口呆, 連照也拍得不好, 所以要花些時間處理(要先學才可處理)。當我們從 Calgary 沿一號公路向西挺進, 很快就感到加拿大洛磯山脈的壯觀。及後到了班芙的硫磺(Suphur Mountain)山上, 拿起照相機想拍時, 就感到有點像老鼠拉龜, 不知從何着手。加上是風景照新手, 所以似”倒瀉籮蟹”, 不知所措。當日拍時就發覺光強度差異大, 只好拍五張, 有需要可做HDR, 後來發現, 在很多情况下, +/- 2.0EV 都不夠呢。回到家, 用Photomatix 合成HDR, 因是初哥, 雜訊又多, 所以既花時間, 又吃力不討好。下面幾張己盡全力, 待以後技術進步再重做, 大家先湊合看。在行車途中往外拍的多是單張, 並不求好, 只希望紀錄沿途風光而已。

Wikipedia: [Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains. The park, located 110-180 km (68-110 mi) west of Calgary in the Province of Alberta, encompasses 6,641 km2 (2,564 sq mi) of mountainous terrain, with numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes.]


我們由愛蒙頓經Calgary直取班芙, 晚上宿 Stoney Nakoda Resort。We drove directly from Edmonton to Banff via Calgary. Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino served as our base.


由愛蒙頓去班芙的路上。On our way from Edmonton to Banff.


由愛蒙頓去班芙的路上, 很多油菜花田。The canola fields were beautiful.


由愛蒙頓去班芙的路上,坐看雲起時。On our way to Calgary.


在Calgary 小休後沿一号公路走, 很快就看到洛磯山脈。We drove south to reach Banff via Calgary. After a lunch break in Calgary, it didn’t appear to be a long drive before seeing the Canadian Rockies.


一号公路路况甚佳, 據說就是隆冬時也不差。The road condition was good, and the traffic was light, not to mention that the view was spectacular.




相信這就是入班芙前見到的 Snow Peak。I believe this was a scene shortly before approaching Banff.



1887 年的班芙大街, 背為雪嶺。Banff Ave., Snow Peak 1887


2013 年的班芙大街, 背為雪嶺。Banff Ave., Snow Peak 2013


班芙大街的夏日風情。On the main street (Banff Ave) of Banff.


可愛的街頭音樂家。 A young, lovely street performer.


連加州山中小鎮Chester 都有中餐館, 更何况是渡假區班芙呢。They have all kinds of cuisines to satisfy different taste buds.



主街上商場。Snow Peak.


高爾夫球場旁的Rundle Mountain (?)


大街上漂亮的建築。A handsome hotel on the main street.


大街上漂亮的建築。Banff was built to be a tourist town even in the 1800s.

DSC_8974 DSC_8981



登山纜車: 在市區南方有温泉區, 內有大浴池(不是日式, 是西式, 就像一般泳池)供遊客泡湯。稍過去就有纜車載遊客登上琉璜山頂(登高700米), 上面除了有餐廳和瞭望台外, 還鋪設有十分好的木板步道, 遊客可沿步道登至高點上的氣象/瞭望站(建於1903年)。此處登山望遠,氣勢非凡, 我一輩子沒試過這種被震撼的感覺。 弟弟叫我開懷暢拍, 我口中唯唯否否, 腦袋卻不知要怎麽拍才可以真實的紀錄那壯麗的景色。下面幾張相片檔頗大, 按開會有較大和較清的画面。

Banff Gondolas:  There is a Gondola lift, near the Banff upper hot spring, which is a cable car that takes tourists to the top of Sulphur Mountain where one can enjoy the most spectacular views and photo opportunities in Banff National Park. The ride is a few minutes but the elevation gain was said to be 700m. On our way up, we saw folks trekking up along trails probably leading to the top of mountain where there is a well constructed walking trail system, restaurant and tourist shops. The views are spectacular. I must confess that I was overwhelmed, with my camera in hand, I didn’t know where to begin. The following pictures are from large files, if you don’t see them show up normally, hit reload current page on the web address bar. I recommend you click on those picture for a large, better defined view.

Panorama of Banff

Panorama of Banff as seen on the top of the Sulphur Mountain which can be reached by Gondolas.


下為班芙市, 對面是雪峰。Banff with Snow Peak on the background.


這只花栗鼠在野餐。This little guy, a chipmunk I believe, is enjoying a treat, probably from one of the tourists.


山上的棧通, LX7 拍的。Panorama wit LX7.


登山後, 由西向東望,全景#1  Sundance 山。Panorama, from west to east #1, Sundance Range.

Panorama #2

登山後, 由西向東望,全景#2。Panorama, from west to east #2.

Panorama #3

登山後, 由西向東望,全景#3, 班芙。Panorama, from west to east #3, Banff.

Panorama #1

登山後, 由西向東望,全景#4,梯級山, 前為纜車站。Panorama, from west to east #4, Mt Rundle, Gondola on the right.

Mt Rundle

梯級山。Mt Rundle.


由氣象站望向梯級山。Looking to Mt. Rundle from the Observatory.


非常好的木板步道。 Nice boardwalk.

A Honda snow blow (8 horsepower).

這鏟雪機可能有8-10匹馬力。A Honda snow blow (8 horsepower?)

班芙鎮在十九世紀末開發為渡假區。據說第一個攀登琉璜山頂作氣象觀測的是班芙的氣象學家 Norman Sanson. 1903年開出登山小徑並在峰頂建有氣象觀測台, 該台保存良好, 內裡佈置保留二十世紀初的模樣, 遊客可透過玻璃窗觀察內部佈置。

The pioneer who is said to be the first one to climb up to the top of the Sulphur Mountain was Banff park’s meteorologist Norman Sanson in 1896. In 1903, a trail was built and a stone observatory was erected on the summit ridge which is still standing and the setting inside is left pretty much the way it was.

Eagle's eyrire

1903建的氣象觀測站。Eagle’s eyrie -the weather observatory built in 1903.

Inside the eyrie.

氣象觀測站內。Inside view of the eyrie, with reflection on the glass.

Inside the eyrie/

氣象觀測站內, 回復往昔的擺設。Inside view of the eyrie, from the other side of the observatory.


温泉。Hot spring.


温泉。Hot spring.

Upper Banff Hot Spring

班芙溫泉。Upper Banff hot spring onsen.


The Three Sisters near Canmore.


黃昏回酒店的路上。On the way back to hotel on Route One.

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