About me

He loves the blues.

Other than that, there are no clues.

小灰蝶, 地球村一員。愛蝶, 愛美術, 愛攝影, 愛閑; 雖不愛酒, 但愛吃。不善交際, anti-social 份子?! 老無適俗韵, 受不了辦公室政治, 得老妻鼓勵, 守拙歸園田。每日窩在家裡, 躲進小樓成一統, 做快樂的 starving artist。


37 Responses to About me

  1. susan says:

    Dear John,

    The pictures are beautifuls. I wish they would upload a bit faster, cause I enjoy seeing them all. I particularly like the flowers, which has always been my favorite. Also the greens taken in Japan. It took a bit effort to read the Chinese blog; I was glad that a little English was in there. It’s nice to see the Fall pictures now that I am in California.

  2. bluepapillon says:

    I’m glad that you like the pictures. Stay tuned, more foliage to come.

  3. Amy says:


  4. bluepapillon says:

    Hi Amy,
    你倒真的會開玩笑。Anyway, 谢谢鼓励。

  5. susan says:

    Dear John,

    I love the leaves just as much as the flowers of Morning Glory. The shape of the leaves and the red bkg are lovely. the two that hanging side by side is also nice. I like the one with a droplet hanging from the petal. You brought up their essence back the not so obvious, which are pure beauty and grace. I was so touched by it, tears streaming down down from my eyes. It felt to me that they are so happy to have their beauty broadcast out to the world, through to the lens of your eyes.
    I like the cat in his laziness, reminding me to lelax into my body, let the world just go pass, there’s nothing to do or achieve. There’s a sense of tanquility and peace in pebbles shots.

  6. bluepapillon says:


    I don’t know what to say, this is the best compliment an artist could dream of getting. I’m touched because, not only by your kind words but most importantly, I can feel that you have actually enjoyed my photos with your heart, you could really appreciate the feeling I had when I was composing those pictures and later putting them together. I have n times more pictures than I have put up, to decide what to put up and what not to is not an easy task. You seemed to have well aware of my intentions and really shared my views. I don’t know how I can express my gratitude, anyway, thank you for being such a sophisticated viewer.

  7. Amy says:

    Hello 六哥:
    Can wait to check your works. The first look, I love ginkgo and those things at the entrance of the restaurant.
    I’m busy to do all the decoration of our school, on the comming Monday we’ll have a ceremony to light up the X’mas tree, this is go with all the Catholic school in Taiwan.
    Next week I’ll be easier.

  8. Jim says:


    What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love your recent photo entitled “snowing hard”. Great composition!



  9. Amy says:

    六哥:I can feel the Spring is coming. A special one, I like that, daffodil #5, I can feel the cool still there, but the steps of Spring arrived. Beautiful!!!

  10. yeung sin to says:

    嘩! 嚇死我, 原來我同學的老公在文學及攝影方面有如此的修養, 找過中心點可以出書, 賺大洋啊. 我會叫我侄仔侄女睇您個blog, 佢地都喜歡攝影, 可以跟您學野.

  11. E-Fun Chen says:

    Hi John,
    剛看完柬浦塞吳哥窟的照片, 真是美呆了, 怪不得我两個女兒寒假一定要去那,祇是两個年青女孩单独去(背包族)我實在不放心.真是一個頭两個大. 她們想去參觀的景点跟你去的雷同.請問你們去了幾天?是那家旅行社辨的?請賜教.感恩不盡. Thank you.


    • bluepapillon says:

      Hi E-Fun,
      謝謝來訪。 我極力推薦吳哥遊, 除了欣賞建築和藝術的美之外, 還可以提升我們的世界觀, 開拓心靈的視野。難得年青人能喜歡古文明, 應該讓他們去。我當然能體會你的心情, 我自已去之前也考慮過這些問題。我會給你email, 提供各項資料及links.

    • Stephen Ong 翁紹德 says:

      (John, this reply may only get to you, please forward this to EFun if you have her contact info. Really looking forward to the confirmation email from you, Thanks in advance.)

      Hello, E-Fun, this is 翁紹德. I hope you are the 一芳 I know from 中興一校, 中興新村, Taiwan. I have been trying via several channels to reach you. Your old phone number 4082451264 was no longer in service. It will be great if we (and quite a few other classmates) can connect, oh yes, in CA, US. Check out the below link, you will find so many familiar faces from childhood, brings back wonderful memory.


      Stephen Ong (sing2k@gmail.com)

      • bluepapillon says:

        Hi Stephen, I have forwarded your message to E-Fun. I do have her contact info, however, as you know, I can’t reveal it to anyone without her permission. I hope she is the E-Fun you have been looking for, good luck.

  12. E-Fun Chen says:

    Hi John,
    感恩不盡! 我家這两位有假就出去跑. 我也很為她們高與. 行萬里路讀萬卷書.多學學多充實多增長見聞.

    • bluepapillon says:

      Hi E-Fun
      相信你已收到 email 了吧。如果看過資料後, 令千金還是想作自由行的話, 我這裡有有関在吳哥找導遊的資料可参考, 請告知。

  13. E-Fun Chen says:

    Hi John,

    I am sorry I didn’t receive your email. Hopefully you kept your sending email in your account. Would you please send it to me again? I will check my email account regularly. Also, would you please send the tour guide information to me too? It would be an option for them. Thank you.


  14. Hans says:

    Hi John, I just tried to e-mail you to wish you a good 2010 and say I hope you had a great 2009.

    Looking forward to catching up when time permits.


    • bluepapillon says:

      Hi Hans,

      It is nice to hear from you. I hope everything is working fine in the lab. I’ll send you an email later. Thanks.

  15. crazypulsar says:

    你好,我偶然间发现你的BLOG ,很喜欢!让我想去很多地方旅行的愿望。呵呵。欢迎回访:

    • bluepapillon says:

      Hi, 你好。 你的留言剛剛才看到, 多謝光臨。不知怎的, 你的留言被放入spam那裡, 這幾天放了一些新照片上來, 心血來潮, 順便看看Spam裡面有什么,这才发現大駕光臨, 失礼, 勿怪。這已經是第三次了, 都是朋友用中文写的留言, 也許Wordpress 的中文比我還差吧。 哈哈。 待会会到貴blog参觀。

  16. Joyce says:

    看了您的部落格 發現有好多豐富的資訊 最近正在寫關於perspective development的paper
    希望能引用您所提供的” 羅馬聖依納爵教堂” Sant’Ignazio Church, Rome 的相關資訊 但是需要您的名字(英文的)才能完成works cited的部分 如果您願意的話 可以回覆給我

    Really appreciate~

    • bluepapillon says:

      很高興你覺得那些資訊有用, 歡迎引用。我待會就給你回個依妹兒。

  17. 馬檳兒 says:




    • bluepapillon says:

      馬檳兒,謝謝留言。過去ニ十多年, 為稻梁謀, 帶孩子、修房子,忙得天翻地覆的, 也沒有跟很多人有聯系。 這兩年躲在家裡, 韜光養晦, 看一些以前沒時間看的書, 學習一點數碼攝影。我無宗教信仰, 卻喜歡去看一些和宗教、文化有關的美術和建築, 如意大利的教堂、吳哥遺跡、日本的寺院和泰國的廟等等 (現在正在看中國古建築的東西呢)。我利用這blog作為相簿, 把找到的資料和照片放入, 留為日後細看之用。我會另給你寫伊妹兒, 再聊吧。

  18. Brian Lee says:

    馮SIR,是你的鐘聲學生 李志揚,很高興在這裡看到你的作品啊,祝開心每一天,精彩每一年!

    • bluepapillon says:

      李志揚, 謝謝來訪, 更多謝你的祝福, 感謝。

      • Brian Lee says:



  19. Leo Chan says:

    Fun Sir, this is 陳雄林. We came across your photo blog because a lot of us in Chung Sing miss you. 🙂 I am a professor of finance in the US, currently on leave for a year to teach in Vietnam (ttu.edu.vn). I saw your last photo blog was from northern Thailand. Glad to see that you are still doing photography. If you come to Vietnam, please let me know. Stay in touch!


    • bluepapillon says:

      Hi Leo, glad to hear from you. I have heard a lot of good things about you, Professor Chan, good job!! So you are on sabbatical and teaching in Vietnam, sounds like a lot of fun. Vietnam is a place I always want to visit, however, it is not on top of my list. Should our plan change, you bet I will send you a note right away. Thanks for stopping by, take care.

  20. 周燕 says:


    • bluepapillon says:

      你好, 謝謝你的讚賞, 我這些只是攝影塗鴉而已。最近事忙, 抱歉遲覆, 如果不介意的話, 我想有空時到貴網站看看, 瞭解一下再給你送個依妹兒。謝謝光臨寒博。

  21. Lillian says:


  22. aprilliu says:

    Dear John,
    Hi there, I’m an art history researcher who lives in Vancouver, Canada and I am writing a book about Cantonese opera costumes. I’d love to use some of your photos in my book (a few shots you took in Hong Kong, of the Six Kingdoms drama). How can I contact you about this? I can offer you some compensation and acknowledge you in my book. Your photos are beautiful!
    Please email me at april.liu.arts@gmail.com or call me at 604 218 7997.

    Thank you,
    Dr. April Liu

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